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SQL Hook - SQL Server Monitoring Made Easy

No matter what line of business your company is in, your most valuable asset is your data. This is why SQL Hook was designed to help minimize downtime due to unexpected poor performance or system issues.

But that’s not all. SQL Hook provides you not only up to the minute alerts, but also provides you a view into the key performance counters that can help you avoid issues before they start.

Our goal is to make your database administration easier - to do that, SQL Hook collects and stores information about each SQL Server inside a central repository database. This information is then used to display the information you need to know to keep your system running. And for those times when you're not available, you can configure alerts to be emailed directly to you, so you know theres a problem before it has a chance to get out of hand.

For more information please feel free to e-mail us info@sqlhook.com.